Address:  Two Galleria Parkway : Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Tel : 770-989-5095(쇼장), 770-454-7993(협회)

I-285 W에서 오실 때

exit 20 로 나오셔서 41번 cobb Pkwy Dobbins ARB로 오시다가 41 S Cobb Pkwy Atlanta를  만나시면 

좌회전 하셔서 두번째 신호등에서 다시 좌회전하시면 Cobb Galleria Centre 입니다.

I-285 E에서 오실 때

exit 19 로 나오셔서 41번 cobb Pkwy Dobbins ARB로 오시다가 41 S Cobb Pkwy Atlanta를  만나시면 우회전 하셔서 첫번째 신호등에서 다시 좌회전하시면 Cobb Galleria Centre 입니다.

I-85 N에서 오실 때 (공항쪽)

I-85 N 를 타고 오시다가 I-75 N Cumberland Blvd SE로 향하다가 I-75 exit 258번에서 나오셔서 

Akers Mill Rd SE에서 좌회전 하셔서 오시면 Cobb Galleria Centre 입니다.

For More Detail Direction

To the Loading Dock

Follow the directions above to Cobb Parkway. From Cobb Parkway traveling South turn left (turn right if traveling North on Cobb Parkway) onto Galleria Parkway. This is the traffic light just south of Galleria Drive and just north of Akers Mill Road. Then turn left into loading dock entrance.


There are more than 2,000 parking spaces on site. Parking can be found at three main parking decks. A two-level and four-level deck can be accessed from the main (rotunda) entrance to Cobb Galleria Centre, while a five-level deck is located directly across Galleria Drive. This parking deck has an underground tunnel on the 2nd level with direct access to the front entrance of Cobb Galleria Centre. Use this tunnel in order to avoid traffic while crossing the street and also to protect yourself from inclement weather.